Breeding Ethics & Puppy Info

Our aim is to get to know those prospective puppy owners who are seriously interested in any of our litters, long before the puppies arrive, with a view to becoming part of our future extended family.  Our wish is for all our puppies to lead a fun active life.  When choosing prospective puppy owners, preference will be given to those who are already experienced with the Alaskan Malamute, work & show, or are at least interested in the working side of things.. We will match puppies to owners and not on a first come first served basis.

Puppies will not leave before 8 weeks of age

All puppies will leave with KC endorsements:

1. Progeny Not Eligible for Registration

2 Not Eligible for the Issue of an Export Pedigree

All of our puppies will leave with full KC registration Documents, Copies of Sire/Dam health tests, Arctictribe contract, 5 weeks insurance, puppies will have had their 1st innoculations, deflead, wormed, microchipped & life time support from Arctictribe.

In the event that you need to re-home your Arctictribe puppy/adult, we operate a ‘Lifetime Return to Breeder Policy’ – we will work with you first to try and re-home your puppy/adult from your home to new home, this is to ensure minimal amount of stress on the dog.

A ‘Puppy Pack’ – A raw food package, toys, collar, blanket, Socialisation tick chart, Puppy School Info, UK Malamute Clubs (AMWA & AMCUK) membership forms, raw feeding guide.

We will expect all our puppies (this is includes show prospect & pet dogs) to be introduced to working in harness & or backpacking once old enough as long as they are physically able to.  We will always be here to help and guide you in these areas if needed.  This is one area that we feel VERY strongly about – The Alaskan Malamute was bred to work and as owners/future owners of this breed we must make sure they are given the opportunity to partake in their heritage!

Arctictribe always endeavour to produce wonderful examples of the Alaskan Malamute by closely striving to all the following in no particular order, we believe all the points below are equally as important as one another…

Conformation – Temperament – Health – Working aptitude

Over the years we have given our all to this fascinating breed, and in return they have enriched our lives.  We have experienced both highs and lows with a huge variety of differing personalities and temperaments.. One things for sure.. No two Malamutes are the same !!

We have loved and cared for, both males and females, entire and neutered.. raised from 8 week old puppies and welcomed older Malamutes into our lives.  Our very first Malamute was a 13 month old teenager.. he has taught us more than all the others put together.. !!

Every Mally that we’ve welcomed has and will continue to live in our home with us and not in kennels.. there is nothing wrong with dogs bought up and living in kennels I might add.. but this was a our personal decision when we started on our Malamute journey.

Our home is a very busy household with 4 Malamutes & 3 children consisting of an adult, a teenager and a youngster.. we have regular unplanned and planned visitors both smitten with dogs and some which are not..  the puppies will be bought up in the home with a sensible amount of socialisation and stimulation.. we personally believe that what happens in those first few weeks of a dogs life shapes that dog for the rest of it’s days.. positive socialisation and exposure to new experiences will be at the very top of the ‘puppy care’ list!!

The following health tests have been carried out with good results on all of our breeding stock:

Eyes: Testing for Hereditary Cataracts

Hips: Testing for Hip Dysplasia

PN: Testing for Polyneuropathy

We will only breed from our dogs/bitches or use our dogs at stud to bitches who have been tested and receive satisfactory results from the above tests.