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Arctictribe attended and completed 2 ABSA Championship rallies and the AMWA long distance trek this month.

Sherwood Forest which consisted of 2 days racing and Ringwood Rally, a 1 day event. The AMWA long distance trek was located on Salisbury plain, Mark opted to complete approx 8 miles with Elmo & Emme.

The team consistently averaged between 7-8mph over all 3 events… with the distances being from 3 to 8 miles..

Also this month Leo starts ringcraft training and seems to be enjoying the experience..


The start of our season begins! ‘Team Grey’ attends their first rally at ABSA Thruxton, this was a non Championship event and the perfect Rally to see how the team worked together in a Rally situation.. Elmo and Emme’s first Rally together.. They were very consistent with their average training speed of 7-8mph, Elmo took the lead today and pulled his heart out.

New Forest rally saw the start of the ABSA Championship, Mark, Elmo & Emme have opted to compete in DF class.. this is normally earlier in the morning with longer trail distances. The team averaged 7-8mph over the 4 mile trail coming in smiling as usual..

Emme’s backpacking see’s her completing a second leg of her WPD ‘AMCA Working Pack Dog title’, hiking 10.5 miles across Salisbury Plain with her new friend Sirius, owned and loved by Michelle Anderson. Sirius completed the first leg of his WPD title! so well done to both of them ..

Also this month Emme and Leo attend a weight pull practice day.. Leo will not be old enough to compete until winter 2013 but Emme had a go… I’m not sure whether we’ll ever graduate from Novice class as she needs to be treated at every pull but you never know!


Training begins for ‘Team Grey’ (Elmo, Emme & Mark) on colder days, they are very happy to be back in harness, Emme also picks up where she left off before her op with her backpacking.

Leo completes his 4 weeks socialisation course at our local vets, and also completes his ‘Puppy School’ 6 week course. He has a lovely certificate and rossette to mark this milestone. Well done Leo!


Leo has settled in well and been accepted by Elmo and Emme..
He has also started a six week course at ‘Puppy School’ aswell as weekly puppy parties at our local vets..
We feel this is a vital part of a puppies socialisation programme..as hopefully what you put in before around 15 weeks will become invaluble when the puppy reaches maturity.. the main thing though is that you and your puppy have fun.. and Leo certainly is!


Arctictribe are very proud to announce their newest member of the tribe…

‘Weyekin’s Light My Fire within Arctictribe’ Aka – ‘Leo’

He is settling in very well with the rest of the tribe..
he is pictured far right with his siblings..see below!!

The puppies in their 8th week

The puppies in their 4th week

The puppies in their 2nd week

Before our baby boy arrived the whole family attended the
Alaskan Malamute Working Association fun weekend, and we certainly had lots of fun!


On the 4th July 6 very special puppies were born at Weyekin Sleddogs.. and we are very proud to say we will be welcoming a new addition to our pack at the end of August.
For now 2 things are certain.. Our new addition will be male and his colouring is Seal/White..
So now the countdown and name choosing begins!!


A month of ups and downs but as they say ‘that’s life’

Unfortunately our beautiful girl Emme had to be speyed this month due to severe hormonal problems resulting in very short seasons, and after trying a failed course of hormonal treatment it was time to make the desicion.. The welfare of your dogs is paramount and even if this means Emme will not develop to her full potential physically, as long as she is healthy and happy this is ‘and should be across the board’ all that matters..

On a plus we now own a new doggy mobile which will be decked out very soon.
The dogs also have their very own penthouses built and designed entirely by Mark, and we also have our very own grooming shed.. this will please the neighbours as their washing will no longer be furry!!


A quiet month for Arctictribe.. we attended the Alaskan Malamute Working Association’s walking weekend in the Forest of Dean, We met up with lots of friends and for laugh’s and relaxation..
Mark and Ayla did the walking with Elmo and Emme as Natalie had hurt her ankle.. They completed the 12 miles with Emme wearing a backpack with 20% of her bodyweight.. we felt it was a little too warm for her to carry any more weight.
This walk did enable Emme to qualify for AMWA’s Day Backpacking level 1 award.. well done Emme!

This month was also a time for reflection, a year ago on the 15th May another star lit up in the sky .. this star is named ‘Maddy’ ..
We are moving forwards in the right direction from all that this wonderful lady taught us…we will always love and miss you Maddy Moo…..


The 2011 Moya awards were announced this month and we are very proud to announce that Emme received the following show placings:

Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK 2011, 6th Top Puppy bitch
Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK 2011, 11th Top Puppy
Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK 2011, 18th Top special beginner


Arctictribe in the news! this month sees Emme and Elmo having a rest whilst reading all about our
Tribe’s acheivements over the last few months, please click on the headings below for the press articles!

Wiltshire Gazette and Herald – Our local newspaper

CSJ Natural Dog Food - Our chosen food

Also this month Ayla received a letter from our local MP congratulating her on the recent J1 UK Championship win!


This month is filled with working achievements..
Firstly after 6 months of training steadily increasing both weight and distance Emme completes her first WPD ‘Working Pack Dog‘ qualifying leg. She carried over 30% of her bodyweight for 11 miles with only a minimal decrease for water consumption.. she also carried my sandwiches and a few treats for herself!

On the 19th all of us attended the last Championship race of the season, a lovely day was had by all with no rain!
Elmo took Hayden safely around the trail in the untimed J2 class with Hayden in his usual attire of wellies and a wonky helmet coming into the finish!

Mark’s final placing in the EF ABSA Championship for the 2011/2012 season was a respectable 15th out of 33 teams.. not bad considering he only attended a few races due to a back operation!

Ayla and Emme crossed the finish line completely un-aware of their overall placing but it was announced at the awards ceremony that they clinched the J1 Championship with a nailbiting 2 points to spare! Their winning titles are as follows:

*** ABSA J1 UK Champion Team 2011/2012 ***
*** KODI Memorial Trophy Highest Placed UK Junior Alaskan Malamute Team 2011/2012 ***

Huge well done to both of them!!


Arctictribe starts off the year with a lovely arrival from the postman,
Emme receives her WTD certificate from AMCA and will now be known as

*** Chayo Out Of The Blue within Arctictribe WTD ***


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